Rubber Band Compressor V2.
The snappiest compressor ever is back!


MIXLAND is proud to announce that the Rubber Band Compressor is back and rebuilt from the ground up, with the highest fidelity sound and more features than ever before. The original Rubber Band VCA circuit has been reimagined with our newest modeling technology, in order to provide greater feel, bounce, and resolution, with instantaneous load times. We’ve taken the original concept of our emulation of what happens when a physical rubber band is stretched (tension-based compression with an exponential ratio that snaps back harder depending on how far you push it), and made it better in every single way. New features include a FET mode, expansive crunch circuit with adjustable tube bias, type, and, high and low shelving with selectable frequencies, flexible sidechain options, artist presets, A/B comparison modes, an “undo” and “redo”  features, pre-and-post EQ modes, mix knob, TAPE and LIMIT functions, and three overall voicing modes (vintage, flat, and modern).